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The Insatiable Appetite

The Insatiable Appetite is a podcast for people who are in the serious business of food — making it, marketing it, selling it, serving it. With each episode, The Hartman Group’s social scientists, business analysts and culinary experts give listeners more than a heaping helping of facts and insights into what’s going on with some of the hottest topics in our vibrant contemporary culture of food and beverage.

Episode 85

Fresh From the Oven: The Rise of Baking During the Pandemic. Will the Trend Continue? Our Interview With the co-CEO of King Arthur Baking Co.

Baking had become something of a national pastime during the pandemic in 2020. Listen to our interview with the co-CEO of King Arthur Baking Company to see if interest will continue to rise.

Podcast Library

Episode 64

No Kid Hungry: Working Together to End Childhood Hunger

In this podcast, we speak to Billy Shore, founder of Share Our Strength, parent organization for the No Kid Hungry campaign to learn more about how NGOs, CPG companies, retailers, and chefs are working together to end childhood hunger in America.