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The meteoric rise
of online shopping

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced
unprecedented changes to how consumers
plan their shopping trips and physically
move through the store, giving rise to online
shopping paired with an interruption to
restaurant dining.

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Wave 9 FMI and Hartman U.S. Shoppers and COVID-19 2020

The Insatiable Appetite

Consumers Continuing to Cope and Adapt to the Realities of the Impact of COVID-19

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THG Food Sourcing in America 2020 Cover
Snacking is now an American way of life.
What does this mean for the future of your business?

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THG COVID-19's Continued Impact on Eating
Understanding COVID-19’s Continued Impact on Eating Behaviors and Occasions

COVID-19’s Continued Impact on Eating picks up where our earlier report left off, examining changes in eating occasions and related behavior occurring between the start of the pandemic and summer 2020.

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The Insatiable Appetite,

Hartman Group Podcast Series

Episode 69
COVID-19’s Impact on Eating
Summer 2020 vs Spring 2020

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