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Injera, Ethiopian Cuisine

Podcast: The Lowdown on Injera, Ethiopian Cuisine, Gluten-Free, Digestion and More

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THG Food Sourcing in America 2022

New Hartman Report Insights: Food Sourcing in America 2022

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THG Food and Technology 2022 Study Cover
Now Fielding – New Hartman Food & Technology 2022 study explores the consumer view on a range of food-tech innovations

From kitchen gadgets, devices and apps to hydroponic farming, cellular dairy and regenerative agriculture, how we “do” food — grow it, manufacture it, plan it, source it, and finally prepare it — has taken giant leaps forward in high-tech directions in recent years, and the pace of such innovation is only accelerating.

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The Insatiable Appetite,

Episode 132

Consumer Plans for the Holidays – FMI and
Hartman Group Discuss Report Highlights

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