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Do you ever find yourself walking through the grocery store just to explore? Do you love to try new recipes, cuisines, restaurants, products, or innovations in the world of food? Do you have a passion for food culture?

Hartman Group Trend Trek at Starbucks

Hartman Group Trend Trek at Starbucks

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Want to Put Your Love of All Things Food and Drink to Work?
We are a small yet mighty team made up of thought leaders and data analysts, strategists and researchers, contemplators, go-getters, and team players. While each one of us is unique, a few common values bring us all together:


We’re all in this together. At the end of the day, we’re a team and we all adhere to the same level of excellence.


Yes, and… that’s how we approach the reality of our dynamic work.


There is power in numbers. We seek to work together and harness the expertise from each other to deliver exceptional work to our clients.


We all demonstrate our curiosity in different ways. Some do it by challenging processes and methodologies, others by digging deeper into data, and some by engaging with consumers in the field. Whichever is your way, behind it all is the same question: why?

Come join us!

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