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Sustainability & Transparency 2023

“Sustainability” once simply signified humans’ use of natural resources to support both present and future generations – but today’s consumer understands it is a much more nuanced global challenge. The Hartman Group’s Sustainability & Transparency 2023 study will explore how consumers navigate their environmental and social values along their unique food journeys.

When we last explored the World of Sustainability in 2021, consumers were becoming increasingly aware of both broad global issues and the more tangible challenges surrounding this dynamic topic. However, their understanding of these various components and their mutual relationships was less nuanced.

The 2023 study will provide actionable insights into how different consumer segments define sustainability today, what choices they’re currently prioritizing to address sustainability concerns, plus how hot topics like upcycling, worker welfare and climate change fit into the broader picture.

Health & Wellness 2023: Pets & Health

A supplement to Health & Wellness 2023: The Great Wellness Reset*, Pets and Health explores both the impact pets have on their owners’ overall health and wellness, as well as owner perspectives on supporting the health and wellness of their pets.

Grounded in primary quantitative and qualitative research, the report offers a comprehensive consumer-centered perspective on health and wellness for pets today.  

Modern Beverage Culture 2023

Beverages are ubiquitous in American culture. From quenching thirst to nourishment to celebration, beverages play an important role in consumers' lives. The Hartman Group’s Modern Beverage Culture 2023 study will explore how consumers engage with today’s rich beverage landscape.

The Hartman Group last explored American beverage culture in 2018 where we took a deep dive into understanding the attitudes, rituals, behaviors and aspirations around beverage consumption. Much has changed both in the beverage marketplace and in American society since 2018, with the ever-growing landscape of beverage offerings and events like inflation shaping requirements to purchase decision processes.

This new study will investigate the effect of these broad trends on the role of beverages across the different aspects of consumers’ lives, from everyday hydration and replenishment needs, to mealtime preferences, exploration, and long-term health and wellness goals.

Modern Beverage Culture 2023 will also take a fresh look at 2018’s Modern Beverage Need State model, which highlighted five key need states driving beverage choices, to illustrate how consumers engage in beverages today.

Health & Wellness 2023: The Great Wellness Reset

Health and Wellness 2023, The Great Wellness Reset includes the latest findings from The Hartman Group’s long running consumer-centric study of the U.S. wellness marketplace.  The study explores long-term and more immediate trends that are shaping how consumers are approaching and personalizing health and wellness. This Great Wellness Reset highlights areas of opportunity to help consumers along their wellness journey.

Grounded in primary quantitative and qualitative research, the report offers a comprehensive consumer-centered perspective on health and wellness today including consumer priorities and approaches to support their mental, physical and social wellness.