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Future of Snacking 2024: Balancing Intent with Indulgence

“Future of Snacking 2024: Balancing Intent with Indulgence” examines the ever-shapeshifting snacking occasion. Built around our proprietary Modern Snacking Framework, this report helps marketers understand both the needs and benefits consumers seek when snacking.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of where and why consumers make tradeoffs in their snack choices, which considerations are most important, and how sourcing and discovery have evolved. Ultimately, this report lays the foundation for identifying opportunities in product development and positioning that will spur growth.

Beyond Organic 2024

Despite being the most widely known and trusted certification, consumer expectations are reaching beyond the bounds of USDA organic. The modern consumer is looking for more stringent guarantees of environmental standards, animal welfare and more. So where does organic still add meaningful value? Which production methods align with consumer expectations? And how do those expectations vary across categories? 

Beyond Organic 2024 will build on Hartman Group’s longstanding body of research, providing actionable guidance for businesses seeking to optimize farm- and production-level attributes at the category level. Join us as we explore the forefront of contemporary food quality. 

Eating & Drinking Occasions Landscape 2023: Settling Into a New Era

American eating patterns have stabilized in many ways from their complete upheaval surrounding the pandemic, and we’re officially living in the “new normal.”

This report looks back at the past five years to identify key shifts — and subsequent stabilizations — in adult eating and drinking behaviors. By leveraging Hartman Group’s proprietary Compass Eating & Drinking Occasions Database, this report analyzes dayparts, location, sourcing methods, social contexts, need states, and categories consumed to spotlight otherwise hidden patterns and opportunities for food and beverage businesses.

Ideas in Food 2024

What will the future hold? None of us have a crystal ball, but every year marketers and researchers try to answer this question.

Ideas in Food isn’t just another laundry list of trends. Yes, it does detail over a dozen concepts we see developing into trends over the next 3-5 years. But the real value you’ll walk away with is the cultural context and implications behind those concepts. By providing a strategic and future-oriented POV, this report gives you the right insights to confidently understand why you should pay attention to specific trends, which ones may not serve your business, and where you can make the greatest impact.