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Sustainability 2021

Sustainability 2021: The Defining Challenge of Our Time for the Food and Beverage Industry? 

Sentiment around sustainability has experienced a dramatic shift in the past several months as consumers’ lives and livelihoods were turned upside down by COVID-19 and social and environmental issues. Urgency is building around the need to take action on collective problems that affect not just our future but our present. Engaging with sustainability as a complete moral system — rather than a series of certifications or checkboxes — has important implications for consumer packaged goods and the food and beverage industry more broadly. 

Amid the sweeping changes to consumer lifestyles and a renewed focus on climate change and other key issues over the past year, The Hartman Group’s Sustainability 2021 syndicated study will offer CPG companies, retailers, and restaurants key learnings on consumer needs and resulting opportunities. Sustainability 2021 will explore how consumers are reconsidering what sustainability means to them, how different components of sustainability affect them personally, and who they hold responsible for addressing these challenges. 

Brand Ambition: Food and Beverage Private Brands & Beyond

Brands have always provided a shortcut for consumers to gauge quality, value, and a number of specific product attributes.  In 2010, we reported on the emergence of retailers’ own brands as a quality product that can compete with familiar, national name brand products on an equal basis. The emergence of private brands has changed the dynamics of how consumer products are marketed and sold. Today, the rules and strategies for competition among brands are being rewritten. The Hartman Group’s Brand Ambition: Private Brands and Beyond syndicated study will examine what the role of a brand is in today’s consumer-driven marketplace. The study will address questions such as:

The goal of this study is to provide an accurate portrayal of “brand” and the changing landscape of the private brand market and the associated strategic business implications for both retailers and manufacturers of name brand and private brand products. The report package includes general report (PowerPoint and PDF), including executive summary, in-depth analysis and implications, and demographic data tables (Excel).

Health & Wellness: Reimagining Well-being Amid COVID-19

The Hartman Group has tracked consumer attitudes, behaviors, aspirations, and challenges around health and wellness for over two decades. Health & Wellness 2021: Reimagining Well-being Amid COVID-19 updates Hartman’s perspective on the American health and wellness landscape in the wake of the pandemic and delivers insights into how consumers envision and enact health and wellness in our new normal. The report examines consumers’ current health and wellness goals and priorities, the approaches they use to address them, and the ways they learn about and source health and wellness solutions.  

The Hartman Group’s Health + Wellness series of syndicated studies is the longest-running consumer-centric study of the U.S. wellness marketplace. A key pillar of The Hartman Group’s syndicated study program, it offers our clients a regular insight into this important aspect of American food culture. For decades, the concept of health and wellness has been expanding to incorporate not just physical health but also a holistic well-being of the body and mind as shaped by what we choose to consume as well as the society and environment in which we exist.

Eating Occasions Dashboards 2020

Answering the Question: How Do Americans Eat? 

The Hartman Group’s Eating Occasions Compass tracks the eating and drinking behaviors of thousands of America’s consumers going beyond demographic and standard food diary questions to paint a more complete picture of food and beverage occasions across the entirety of eating. In today's America, the same person eats differently at different times and in varied contexts. People therefore can’t reliably describe in general how often they eat and why. However, they can describe whether, how and why they’ve recently eaten, and with careful prompting they can recall what they have chosen to consume on a given occasion. 

The Hartman Group’s proprietary Eating Occasions Compass is a dynamic database and analytics tool that tracks consumers’ current and shifting eating and drinking behaviors. It provides precise data, information, and penetrating insights as a foundational platform from which you can identify opportunity spaces and fine-tune strategic planning and direction.

In addition to data points and insights, the Eating Occasions Dashboard 2020 report (available in PowerPoint and PDF formats) includes an overview of the Hartman Eating Occasions Compass, the 8 eating occasions by daypart, and three dashboards for each of the 8 eating occasions dayparts (Early-Morning Snack, Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Dinner, After-Dinner Snack, and Late-Night Meal/Snack).