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Culture is messy: sometimes it’s predictable, but more often it’s chaotic. Some trends endure for years or even decades, while others are over before you even know about them. When you work with consumers, you’re forced to live within this mess whether you like it or not. Even for the most devout trend-spotters, it can be overwhelming and hard to know what to pay attention to and what is merely a short-term distraction.

But there’s rich meaning to be discovered within this messiness. This is why The Hartman Group began publishing syndicated research studies nearly three decades ago: we saw a real need for detailed perspective on the consumer and cultural dynamics shaping the food and beverage market. More importantly, we wanted to paint a picture of what lies ahead so you can tailor your strategy appropriately.

Over those decades, we’ve meticulously tracked key topics through the lens of both perennial and emerging trends, uncovering meaningful insights for brands, manufacturers and retailers. We examine not only what consumers say and do, but how they feel, and what that really means for your business.

Our 2023 syndicated reports cover a broad range of mega trends, including:

Health & Wellness 2023: The Great Wellness Reset

Explore the trends shaping how consumers are approaching and personalizing health and wellness, including approaches to consumption, action, treatment and measurement. Findings highlight clear areas of opportunity for food and beverage companies to engage consumers along their wellness journey.

Modern Beverage Culture 2023

Examine the attitudes, rituals, behaviors and aspirations around beverage consumption. The study provides actionable guidance on how consumers navigate the increasingly complex beverage landscape and how companies can best engage consumers in this fast-innovating space.

Sustainability 2023: Making Things Personal

Gain essential insights and recommendations for building a sustainable sustainability strategy, examining issues like greenwashing, climate change, social justice, worker welfare, packaging, upcycling and more. Recommendations for tangible, practical actions will help companies break through the noise and drive meaningful change.

Taste of Tomorrow: Navigating Food through the Eyes of Gen Z and Alpha (available December 2023)

Decipher the cultural, social, environmental, and political influences that are molding these consumers’ worldviews and food lives. Deep insights and actionable implications will help companies across the food and beverage industry cater to Gen Z and Alpha’s future evolving needs and preferences.

These studies offer a cost-effective way to access droves of relevant data, insights, and strategic analysis at a fraction of the cost of custom research studies. These off-the-shelf reports are a great way to leverage existing budget before year’s end, offering your team immediate actionable insights that will propel your strategy into 2024 and beyond. Special bundle pricing is also available for purchases of all four 2023 studies.

For more information, check out the full overview of these 2023 reports. Then, connect with Melissa Abbott to learn how these insights can support your organization’s objectives.

Getting ahead for 2024

Interested in our studies scheduled for 2024? From snacking to organic, and proactive health benefits to the new landscape of premium, next year’s lineup will uncover even more insights to take your strategy to the next level. Download a detailed overview of next year’s research here.