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Modern Beverage Culture 2023

What’s Included?

Grounded in primary quantitative and qualitative research, Modern Beverage Culture 2023 combines both new and trended quantitative research with in-depth ethnographic consumer immersions and includes in its final report

  • General report (PowerPoint and PDF)
  • Executive summary
  • Demographic data tables (Excel)

Ultimately, the study will provide actionable guidance on how consumers navigate the increasingly complex beverage landscape and how companies can best engage consumers in this fast-innovating space.


Beverages Role in Today’s Culture

  • What role do beverages play in American eating and drinking today?
  • What is the future of food and beverages in America?

Beverage Attitudes and Aspirations  

  • What benefits are consumers seeking when it comes to their beverage consumption? 
  • Where do beverages fit within consumer aspirations for eating and living well? 
  • What features or characteristics do consumers look for in their beverages?

Beverage Occasions

  • What does the landscape of beverage consumption look like? 
  • What shape does consumption take across the day and week, and on different occasions?
  • How does the presence of food impact the beverage occasion? 
  • How do demographic factors relate to beverage consumption?
  • How does the occasion impact the beverage selection?
  • What is driving these changes? What does this suggest as far as unmet needs?

Procuring Beverages

  • What criteria shape consumer purchasing decisions for beverages? 
  • How and where are consumers sourcing beverages? 
  • What role does on and off premise play in the procurement of beverages?
  • What is the role of format, size and packaging in beverage decision-making?

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Published June 2023

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