Food culture of the 1990s through the 2010s focused on a future that would resurrect idealized, if not imagined, notions of our agrarian past (e.g., pastoral images of food production). In 2023, it appears a more tech-forward food culture is gaining momentum to potentially win the war over the future of food. 

Food & Technology 2023 dives deep into this tension and illuminates a consumer-friendly path forward for food and beverage brands, whether oriented toward nature, science, or a combination of the two.

What’s Happening Next in Food and Technology?

Find out more in our new Food & Technology 2023 report which explores the consumer perspective on FoodTech — scientific and technological innovation in and around food. From vertical agriculture, precision fermentation, and cultivated protein to smart kitchen appliances and phone apps, the report examines consumer awareness and acceptance of various FoodTech advancements, and the tensions consumers see between nature and science/technology, as well as purity and processing.

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