Anticipating which trends will dominate the food and beverage industry in the coming years is crucial to staying relevant. However, it’s equally important to understand where consumers are not changing. To see the full picture, you need both a future-oriented view and robust historical context. And these are the driving forces behind our syndicated research program.

Each spring, we set aside time to determine which topics warrant our dedicated focus. In 2025, we will be revisiting several of our most popular tracker studies to get a pulse on what has changed in recent years, what still holds true, and what trends are emerging.

Here’s a look inside next year’s syndicated research plans:

Q1. Opportunities in Health & Wellness: Navigating the Consumer Landscape

The next installment of our Health & Wellness research series, which is the longest-running consumer study of the U.S. wellness market, will offer strategic insights into consumers' sometimes contradictory perspectives on health. We will investigate everything from ingredient seeking and avoidance to women’s health and weight management strategies in the age of Ozempic.

Q2. Food Sourcing in America: The Role of Retail & Brand

Sourcing dynamics have evolved dramatically in recent years. This study will help retailers and brands understand how consumers navigate this changing retail landscape amidst rising food prices. We’ll examine strategies for sourcing affordable essentials, modern discovery methods, plus what’s next for D2C, subscriptions, food service, and more.

Q3. Sustainability in Action: Consumer Priorities & Realities

As corporate sustainability efforts face increasing scrutiny, this study will help food & beverage businesses focus their efforts. We will explore the realities of rising costs associated with new claims across the food and beverage market, along with a variety of other environmental, social and economic challenges.

Q4. Food and Technology: Insights for Innovation & Impact

The world of food has taken giant leaps in the high-tech direction. This study will analyze the acceptance (or lack thereof) of these innovations from the consumer perspective — with a particular focus on Gen Z and Millennials. We’ll also study consumer sentiment around AI in the name of personalization, use of home kitchen tech, and numerous other topics.

For more information on how these insights can support your business growth, download a detailed overview of the 2025 syndicated study lineup here.

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