Fermenting the Future: The Growing Opportunity for Products Made with Precision Fermentation

We are on the cusp of a revolution in food production. The past several years have seen a rapid acceleration of innovation in food technology. New and imminent breakthroughs and product launches related to novel methods of food production are increasingly putting food science and technology in the spotlight. Among these innovations is precision fermentation, an evolution of the familiar process of fermentation that can reproduce ingredients such as protein and sweetener at a reduced environmental footprint without compromising taste, texture, and nutrition. 
This white paper, based on primary qualitative and quantitative research conducted by The Hartman Group and sponsored by Perfect Day and Cargill, examines consumer perceptions, attitudes, and purchase drivers related to science and technology in food, with a specific focus on precision fermentation. The white paper highlights consumers’ growing belief that science and technology may be necessary for addressing the most urgent issues facing the food system and planet and shows that the current and future market for products made using precision fermentation is sizeable. For the food industry, this represents a pivotal moment and a unique opportunity to align with and empower consumers’ evolving values and priorities while being at the vanguard of the future of food.

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