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Food & Technology 2023

Food & Technology 2023 explores the consumer perspective on FoodTech — scientific and technological innovation in and around food. The way we "do food" — grow it, manufacture it, plan it, source it, prepare it — has taken giant leaps forward in high-tech directions in recent years, and the pace of FoodTech innovation is only accelerating.

Although technology has a long history in food production, the past few decades have seen an accelerated pace of innovation and the rise of a set of industry verticals that put technology at the center of their propositions. From vertical agriculture, precision fermentation, and cultivated protein to smart kitchen appliances and phone apps, Food & Technology 2023 examines consumer awareness and acceptance of various FoodTech advancements and the tensions consumers see between nature and science/technology, as well as purity and processing.

Grounded in primary quantitative and qualitative research, Food & Technology 2023 combines both new and trended quantitative research with in-depth ethnographic consumer immersions. The report builds on and updates 2019 Hartman research to explore evolving consumer awareness, attitudes, usage, and drivers around a range of food-tech innovations.

What’s Included?

  • General report (PowerPoint and PDF)
  • Executive summary
  • Demographic data tables (Excel)

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Executive Summary

Chapter One:  The Landscape of Next-Generation FoodTech

Chapter Two: Consumer Perspectives on the Future of Food

Chapter Three: Deep Dive into Next-Generation FoodTech:
Analysis of FoodTech production methods: Regenerative Agriculture, Vertical Agriculture, Plant-based, Genetic Engineering/GMOs, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Fermentation (Biomass & Precision), Cellular Agriculture (Meat, Dairy, Seafood)

Chapter Four: Tech in the Home

Chapter Five:  Implications and Recommendations

Chapter Six:  Appendix

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Published January 2023

Price: $15,000