The surge in anxiety and stress is driven mainly by Millennials and now Gen Z, according to Hartman’s Health + Wellness 2019 report.
Bellevue, WA — Americans are stressed. That palpable sense of anxiety as a major health concern has been building for many years. Now, for the first time, The Hartman Group reports that stress has replaced being overweight as the top health condition America’s households are actively treating or preventing. 
According to its Health + Wellness 2019 report, Hartman finds that 63 percent of consumers say they are treating or preventing anxiety or stress compared to 61 percent who are treating or preventing being overweight. The surge in the management of anxiety or stress is mostly driven by consumers preventing health conditions, especially among Millennials and now Gen Z. 
Weight is still seen as a key indicator of overall health, but mental/emotional health is becoming a more prominent aspect of how consumers understand health and wellness.
“Cultural assumptions about what health and wellness encompasses continue to evolve, especially as consumers gain greater awareness of the dynamic connections between body and mind within a national mood that feels generally anxious and uncertain,” said Laurie Demeritt, CEO of The Hartman Group.
“Our Health + Wellness 2019 report finds that layered onto a more proactive approach to wellness is a heightened sentiment in many of feeling anxious and overwhelmed—by information and messages, by lifestyle ruts that can feel inescapable, by daily work-life balance, by polarizing politics, and by big issues like climate change,” Demeritt said. 
About Hartman’s Health + Wellness 2019 Report
Health + Wellness 2019: From Moderation to Mindfulness explores what’s new, what’s mainstream, and what’s around the bend in the world of health and wellness. Many measures are trended over time and show significant change over the past 3-5 years, including foods and ingredients consumers are seeking or avoiding, supplement usage, conditions managed, and even what health and wellness itself means. The report also includes a special focus on cannabis for health and wellness, exploring consumers’ attitudes, usage occasions, and reasons for using cannabis from a health and wellness perspective.
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