The Hartman Group’s Sustainability 2021: Environment and Society in Focus report finds nine out of ten consumers consider at least one environmental or social well-being issue when choosing foods and beverages, but no one issue dominates their thought process.
Bellevue, Washington, October 28, 2021—The Hartman Group, a leader in consumer and food and beverage culture research and consulting, released Sustainability 2021: Environment and Society in Focus, the latest report in its Sustainability syndicated study series. More than 2,000 consumers were surveyed across the U.S. The report finds that concern about sustainability has grown amid events that have brought increased attention to the environment as well as health and social justice.  
Nearly half of consumers say that they are now more concerned about the environment, and four in ten say they are now more worried about social well-being, compared to 18 months ago. 
“While the COVID-19 pandemic has dominated the country’s attention over the past year and a half,” said Laurie Demeritt, CEO of The Hartman Group, “many other events have occurred that have also contributed to this increase in the collective anxiety, including destructive natural events (wildfires in the Western U.S., winter storms, and hurricanes), protests and counter-protests over police brutality and racial justice, political turmoil, global environmental activism, and a contentious election.”
According to the report, most consumers see the environment and social well-being as two separate but equally important areas of need. 
When shopping for foods and beverages, consumers’ key sustainability priorities are nearly evenly split between environmental and social well-being issues: 82% point to environmental issues (especially waste reduction, sustainable packaging and pollution) and 86% point to social well-being issues (especially support for the economy, safe working conditions and good wages/benefits).
Sustainability 2021: Environment and Society in Focus explores how consumers are reconsidering what sustainability means to them, how different components of sustainability affect them personally, and who they hold responsible for addressing these challenges. To learn more about the Sustainability 2021: Environment and Society in Focus report, visit The Hartman Group
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