With hundreds of new innovations hitting the market every day, consumer demand for new foods and beverages is seemingly endless. In reality, 90% of new product innovations fail. So, while brands and manufacturers are under significant pressure to adapt quickly, innovation can’t just be fast — it has to be smart.

Through trends presentations, ideation facilitation, concept scorecard development and more, we’ll give you the right tools and knowledge to fortify your innovation pipeline — not just fill it. 

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Innovating for the future

Over half of Gen Z consumers love trying new foods and beverages — and they love learning about them via social media. There are significant opportunities to innovate for (and with) young consumers in the digital world, but first, you need to understand the influences shaping their worldview and food lives. 

Taste of Tomorrow 2023: Navigating Food Through the Eyes of Gen Z and Alpha provides deep insights and actionable implications for brands looking to innovate for our future generations.

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