The 45th edition of the Food Marketing Institute’s (FMI) U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends report, prepared by The Hartman Group, examines what consumers want from their retailers when personalizing their grocery shopping. 
"One third of households have at least one family member following a non-medically prescribed diet, and this rate is higher for younger generations," said Leslie G. Sarasin, president and CEO of FMI. "In an effort to meet their idea of eating well, households are eating in increasingly personalized ways, challenging the food shopping experience."
Shoppers see the process of shopping across channels and banners as a personalization strategy. According to Trends, shoppers visit an average of 4.4 banners per month and regularly shop 3.1 channels to meet their diverse grocery needs. Shoppers expect food retailers to evolve with their needs, offering more personalization, but generally, they are satisfied with their primary store's ability to "meet their needs" (average 8.7/10).
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