Balance in the U.S. is being redefined. Consumers stating that health and wellness is about balance are most often the ones detoxing from too many sweets/carbs or libations from the night before, searching endlessly for that magic bullet or next hot elimination diet. 
The progressive wellness consumer looks at balance a bit differently. This consumer asks, “How do you balance too much glyphosate in the foods you eat or lectins that seem to compromise your unique immune system?”
Consider the impact of elevated blood sugar levels. Progressive consumers are hacking their wellness by testing how independent foods impact their glucose levels with technology intended for consumers with type 2 diabetes. Imagine that! Over time, we can expect consumers to become more in tune with how food affects them individually. Categories of foods classified as healthy or not healthy will no longer be relevant (oats might be great for Greg, but not so great for Paula). 
Progressive wellness consumers do know how to have fun and indulge, and when they choose to eat a piece of chocolate cake, they own their decision. They don’t make excuses in the name of balance. 
When simple acts of self-care become habit, change is catalyzed. This glimpse into the future of wellness is less about the end goal and more about the journey. 
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