Teenage Girl At Home In Kitchen With Ingredients Looking At Recipe On Mobile Phone

Brands, retailers and manufacturers are eager to capture the attention of Gen Z consumers, and it’s easy to see that technology offers major potential for doing so. These consumers rely on social platforms for everything from education and career development to social interactions and entertainment. But what about food? Let’s look at some initial findings from our upcoming report, Taste of Tomorrow: Navigating Food Through the Eyes of Gen Z and Alpha.

Discovering new foods and beverages

We’re learning that over half of Gen Z consumers (55%) use social media to discover new foods and recipes — more than any other generational cohort. TikTok is by far the most popular, with 69% of Gen Z consumers using this channel for discovery. Plus, social media drives experimentation: the report will shine light on “hacking” culture and Gen Z’s approach to conveniently obtaining or creating foods they desire.


Gen Z looks to online shopping and mobile apps for the sake of convenience: 68% of these consumers shop online for groceries, and 16% buy at least half of their groceries online.

Brand connections

Gen Z sees value in connecting with brands digitally. While special rewards and digital discounts/coupons top the list as in-roads for connection, recipes also offer an important way to connect. 33% of Gen Z would like to receive information on recipes from the companies or brands they connect with.

Taste of Tomorrow: Navigating Food Through the Eyes of Gen Z and Alpha will be published in a few short weeks. The study explores each of these areas in much greater detail while also offering concrete implications and recommendations for your business. Other important topics covered will include taste and flavor preferences, parental influence, and shopping preferences and expectations.

The study will also offer preliminary insight into Gen Z’s younger counterparts, some of whom aren’t even born yet: Gen Alpha. By studying these children’s parents, we’re gaining insight into emerging values that will inform their development and food lives.

Contact us to learn more about the report and the opportunities Gen Z and Alpha present for your business.