Group of generation z friends laughing together

Looking up information in books? Ew. Talking on the phone instead of texting? Big yikes. Dial-up internet? As the kids would say… “We don’t know her.”

Gen Z is an enigma. While we may chuckle at their baffling vocabulary and seemingly insatiable need to document every moment online, let's not forget that they're coming into adulthood against the backdrop of a digital revolution and global challenges unlike any faced before. This, combined with their status as the most racially and ethnically diverse generation in US history, gives Gen Z a unique take on identity that profoundly impacts how they engage with the world around them.

In a groundbreaking new study, The Hartman Group will take an immersive look at the intersections of cultural, social, environmental, and political influences that shape Gen Z’s worldview to answer the big question: how and why does all of this impact food growers, manufacturers, retailers and marketers?

Taste of Tomorrow: Navigating Food through the Eyes of Gen Z and Alpha will provide insights into these younger generations’ food lives, grounding actionable implications for how the food and beverage industry can cater to these consumers’ evolving needs and preferences. This study will also provide preliminary insights on how the youngest generation — Gen Alpha — differs from Gen Z. Through the lens of their parents, we’ll explore Gen Alpha’s perspectives on food, beverages, sustainability, and technology and how those may evolve as they age.

We’ll be answering foundational questions like, “How do we reach these younger consumers?” while also going into exceptional depth on specific topical areas:

  • Overarching Belief Systems and Values 
    • What factors influence how Gen Z are forming their identities and preferences?
    • How does Gen Z’s identity and outlook set them apart from other generations?
    • What values do Gen Z share with older cohorts? What values are Gen Alpha forming?
  • Food Rituals and Routines 
    • What are their approaches to food — ideals and reality? 
    • What role do they play in shopping for food and beverages?
    • What are their attitudes, behaviors, and aspirations related to cooking and eating, including household/family practices? 
    • How do cross-cultural backgrounds influence food choices, cooking and dining out?
  • Food Values and Attitudes 
    • What are their attitudes and approaches toward the role of food in health and wellness?
    • What is the impact of parental influence on eating behaviors?
    • What role does the environment play in views on sustainable options?
    • How does diversity and inclusion impact their food choices and the types of cuisines they are drawn to?
    • What is the role of brand in food choices?
  • Technology/Media as it Relates to Food
    • What are their attitudes and behaviors around technology and social media in their daily lives? In their food lives?
    • How does technology impact how they learn about, purchase and prepare food and beverages?
    • What are their platform/source preferences for these key needs (e.g., preferred platform for food inspiration, cooking instruction, recipe search)?

This is your opportunity to have a seat at Gen Z's table. Learn more about Taste of Tomorrow: Navigating Food through the Eyes of Gen Z and Alpha by downloading the overview and order form here. Special pricing expires September 30, 2023.