THG Taste of Tomorrow: Navigating Food through the Eyes of Gen Z and Alpha

For the last few months, our team has been busy in the field, having in-depth conversations with young consumers (and their parents) and probing into new quantitative data. Just in time to close out 2023, we’re excited to share that one of our most highly-anticipated studies is now live.

Taste of Tomorrow: Navigating Food Through the Eyes of Gen Z and Alpha details everything you need to know about these two demographic groups. The report demystifies the various forces shaping each of these cohorts and their worldviews:

Gen Z:

  • Digitally native
  • Socially active
  • Diverse & inclusive
  • Globally connected
  • Economically conscious
  • Seeking balance

Gen Alpha:

  • Developing as people
  • Growing up with AI
  • Longing to belong
  • Educational impacts of COVID

Data collected directly from Gen Z consumers (ages 13-26) and from the parents of Gen Alpha (ages 0-12) offer insight into their core values, priorities, challenges and aspirations.

In addition to a wealth of data on these topics, the report offers critical insights to guide your strategy. By understanding how these factors impact eating habits, flavor preferences, shopping behaviors, and connections with brands, you’ll be well-equipped to authentically engage these consumers. The report details four critical strategies for brands to consider when meeting Gen Z's needs.

While there’s still so much to be learned about these generational cohorts, these findings will help you grow with tomorrow’s consumers, rather than chase them.

Explore the full study overview here, and connect with Melissa Abbott to secure your copy of these invaluable insights today.