Female Manager Leading a Meeting About Sustainability

Is “sustainability” starting to feel like a four-letter word around your organization? If it’s been a struggle to maintain momentum on your sustainability initiatives, you’re not alone. Brands and consumers alike have gone through much trial and error in recent years, and many are wondering which efforts are truly worthwhile.

We get it — breaking out of the slump with an effective long-term sustainability strategy is a challenge. Initiatives with unclear ROI are a harder sell. But consumers overwhelmingly agree (and expect) that companies play a crucial role in addressing environmental and social well-being issues. So let’s shift the sentiment, shall we?

A Hartman Group Sustainability Activation Session can help you unlock continued relevancy and trust within the World of Sustainability. Building on the latest insights from the Sustainability & Transparency 2023 report,* an Activation Session will help contextualize demand-led opportunities for your organization and create a customized, consumer-centric sustainability vision for your brand.

Some key outputs you can expect from an Activation Session include:

  • A share-out of the most applicable insights from the report
  • An assessment of your current consumer-facing sustainability practices and initiatives
  • A facilitated brainstorming on key topic areas for your organization
  • Consensus building on the consumer-led opportunities
  • Generation of specific ideas for action in areas such as:
    • Product sourcing, processing and formulation
    • Innovation, including product development, packaging and service models
    • Strategic marketing and communications

Ultimately, an Activation Session will help you break through the clutter and questions to confidently take the next step in your sustainability strategy.

To learn more about the Sustainability & Transparency 2023 study and Sustainability Activation Sessions, please contact Melissa Abbott: melissa@hartman-group.com.

*Customers who purchase the Sustainability & Transparency 2023 report are eligible to purchase a Hartman Group Sustainability Activation session.