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What will the future hold? None of us have a crystal ball, but it doesn’t stop researchers and brands alike from tirelessly trying to answer this question. And we’re willing to bet you’ve read through your fair share of trend reports over the last few months to inspire answers.

Inspiration is only part of the equation

While typical trend listicles serve a purpose in the short term, they often fall short of delivering big, disruptive “aha” moments. True innovation comes from understanding not only what the latest trends are, but why they are (or will be) trending. Hartman Group’s Ideas in Food 2024 report lends a strategic and future-oriented POV on early trend indicators like:

  • Satisfying the senses,
  • Pausing for play,
  • Trust in transparency,
  • And many, many more.

Not your average trend report

Ideas in Food helps you understand the future direction of broader food culture by detailing over a dozen ideas we see developing into trends over the next 3-5 years. The real value you’ll walk away with isn’t the trends themselves, but the cultural context: why you should pay attention to some trends, and why your business might be better served by letting others go. Armed with this critical understanding, our team can then help you apply these trends to your own categories — contact Shelley Balanko to learn how.

2024 will come with its own set of challenges and opportunities, but consumers will continue to seek out products and experiences that provide sustenance and fun; physical and emotional nourishment. Your business can fuel these experiences by delivering new solutions that truly meet consumer needs, rather than just playing into the latest “it” thing.

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