Trend Spotlight Sober Curious

Prior to the pandemic, one of the biggest trends in the beverage landscape was a change in how consumers—particularly younger consumers—approach the consumption of alcohol. This rising interest in low- and no-alcohol beverages is largely driven by consumers’ health-centered concerns.

Our Hartman Retainer Services team has prepared a special white paper, Trend Spotlight: Sober Curious, that examines the evolving low/no-alcohol trend in consumer culture and the food and beverage market. It provides our analysts perspectives to help marketers connect to the cultural changes occurring in the U.S.

Download your free copy here: Sober Curious

The pandemic seemingly altered the trajectory of this trend overnight, but despite a boozy pandemic surge in alcohol sales, the “sober curious” countermovement that we first noticed in previous years has continued to gain relevance as new products have appeared on the market that meet emerging consumer needs for more mindful drinking, personalization, functionality, and flavor.

Read our white paper, which explores:

  • Long-term cultural drivers of the Sober Curious Movement
  • The cultural hegemony of mindfulness
  • Deepening health and wellness understandings
  • Legal alternatives to intoxication, especially cannabis
  • Shifting spaces of consumption and ways of socialization
  • Personalization in food and beverages
  • Landscape snapshot: reimagined alternatives, new non-alcohol formats, functional beverages
  • The Sober Curious opportunity

Trend Spotlight: Sober Curious was prepared to help marketers unpack aspects of consumer food and beverage culture and identify meaningful ways to connect with their consumers.

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