Vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian? Our latest Hartman Group report Modern Approaches to Eating explores the wide range of consumer interpretations of “plant-based eating” and coined the term “plant-focused” as a more encompassing way to refer to those who truly eat mostly plants.

Modern Approaches to Eating explores in depth the full spectrum of overall dietary choices, as well as specific eating approaches and diets that consumers pursue today. The report includes profiles of several key diet types (e.g., low-carb, plant-focused or avoidance) and individual eating approaches (e.g., intermittent fasting, keto or mindful/intuitive eating), with full-chapter treatment for both plant-focused eating and weight management as they relate to eating strategies.

Our deep dive on the topic of plant-based eating explores the meaning of plant-based to consumers, common eating approaches (e.g., vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian), the demographics of plant-based eaters, and many associated attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that relate to plant-based consumption (ranging from triggers to sources of plant-based ingredients and alternative proteins sought, attitudes toward processed plant-based products, and more).

While consumers have largely adopted the term “plant-based” for describing specific food or beverage products, the meaning of the term remains more ambiguous when applied to eating approaches, ranging from a strictly vegan diet to no limits on meat as long as plenty of produce is included.

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