Food is central to our lives, and how consumers choose to eat reflects their identity and values, shaped by culture. Our latest report, Modern Approaches to Eating, finds that consumers think of their overall eating approach as one of the primary ways that they can influence their health and well-being. In fact, most Americans consider their diet to be at least as healthy as the average, and most report that their diet has stayed the same or become healthier over the past year.

Eating approaches are potent cultural signifiers, closely aligned with elements of consumer identity and values. Avoidance or seeking of specific nutrients is an important part of how consumers sift through information and products to identify what they want to eat. But this is only part of how they determine what is healthy as they increasingly view food choices more holistically, thinking also about signals of freshness and purity, such as the level of processing they imagine was involved in the production process.

Interested to learn more? Modern Approaches to Eating provides detailed analysis and chapters on:

  • The cultural context for diets and eating approaches
  • Eating approach motivations, strategies and challenges
  • Use and perceptions of popular diets
  • Plant-based eating
  • Weight management

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