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Modern Approaches to Eating

Food is central to our lives, and how consumers choose to eat reflects their identity and values, shaped by culture. From popular diets like keto, low-carb and plant-focused to diverse eating approaches and weight management practices and beliefs, our new report Modern Approaches to Eating examines the cultural context and consumer motivations for diets and eating today.

Modern Approaches to Eating explores in-depth the spectrum of eating approaches that consumers pursue today, along with the attitudes, needs and goals that motivate them and the considerations and challenges they encounter along the way.

Food is central to our lives, and how consumers choose to eat reflects their identity and values, shaped by culture. The history of nutritional recommendations, guidelines, dietary advice, and diets has shaped how consumers think about their own eating approaches and their attitudes toward “diets” in particular, often associating the term with restriction and weight loss goals. However, this doesn’t reflect the vast diversity of approaches to eating that consumers engage in today.

The motivations that drive consumer eating approaches are as varied as the approaches themselves, ranging from desires to manage one’s own body—overall health, weight, specific health conditions or allergies, and physical performance—to external influences— lifestyle, budget, or doing the right thing for the environment, animals and food producers.

Grounded in primary quantitative and qualitative research, the 118-page report offers a comprehensive consumer-centered perspective on key topics, motivations, tensions and drivers associated with eating approaches, popular diets, nutrition and weight management, both today and in the future.

What’s Included?

▪ General report (PowerPoint and PDF)

▪ Executive summary

▪ Demographic data tables (Excel)

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Executive Summary

Chapter One:  The Cultural Context for Diets and Eating Approaches

Chapter Two: Eating Approach Motivations, Strategies & Challenges

Chapter Three: Use and Perceptions of Popular Diets

Chapter Four: Plant-Based Eating

Chapter Five: Weight Management

Implications and Recommendations

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Published June 2022 (118 pages)

Price: $15,000