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Modern Approaches to Eating 2022

Hartman Group Syndicated Research - Fielding April – June 2022

Plant-based, keto, vegan: Find out why consumers continue to experiment with modern approaches to eating.

The Modern Approaches to Eating 2022 syndicated study will explore in depth the spectrum of eating approaches (e.g., plant-based eating) that consumers pursue today, along with the attitudes, needs and goals that motivate them and the considerations and challenges they encounter along the way.

Approximately half of American adults try out at least one specific approach to eating in a given year, including low carb, vegetarian, intermittent fasting, Keto and others. But these statistics do not paint a full picture. Outside of these named approaches, consumers adopt a variety of individual strategies, from limiting sugar or carbs to seeking foods that are high in protein or planet-friendly. And there can be overlap between these more general dietary regimes and the specific, often popular, plans: the pursuit of a broader approach (such as eating less processed carbohydrates) can lead consumers to seek products labeled for a specific eating approach (such as keto) when this labeling implies attributes aligned with those they seek.

The motivations that drive consumers’ eating approaches are as varied as the approaches themselves, ranging from desires to manage one’s own body—overall health, weight, specific health conditions or allergies, and physical performance—to external influences— lifestyle, budget, or doing the right thing for the environment, animals and food producers.

Modern Approaches to Eating 2022 will map the full range of today’s eating approaches, highlighting key themes in dietary habits and motivations today—plant-based eating, weight management, limiting or adding specific types of ingredients, foods or nutrients—and looking for commonalities in how consumers go about their chosen way of eating, the benefits they seek and hurdles they face.

Grounded in primary quantitative and qualitative research, the study will offer comprehensive consumer-centered perspective on key topics, motivations, tensions and drivers associated with the eating approaches (e.g., plant-based eating), nutrition and weight management, both today and in the future.

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Published April 2022

Price: $15,000