Plant-based, keto, vegan: Find out why consumers continue to experiment with modern approaches to eating.

While the past two years have spotlighted specific health concerns most affected by the pandemic—such as immunity and mental health—consumers continue to focus on interconnected areas of health that historically were already at the forefront of their attention: weight management, exercise, and diet.

This week’s infographic highlights how, in an era of pandemic disruption, consumers continue to experiment with eating approaches. This is particularly true of younger consumers, with 68% of Gen Z saying they tried a specific eating approach in the past year.

Our newest syndicated study now launching, Modern Approaches to Eating 2022, will explore the spectrum of eating approaches (e.g., plant-based, keto, vegan) that consumers pursue today, along with the attitudes, needs, and goals (e.g., weight management, overall health) that motivate them and the considerations and challenges they encounter along the way.

Download a copy of the Modern Approaches to Eating 2022 study overview and order form here.

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