Hartman Group_Beyond Organic 2024 Cover

“Organic to me means something. It's a label that has a definition and that has some standards that seemingly have to be maintained. I know that certain corners are being bent, but it still stands for something.” 

— Marc, Boomer, “Core” organic consumer* 

Beyond Organic 2024: Expanding Distinctions in Food & Beverage is now live, and this consumer’s words highlight a key finding: the organic certification still matters. However, many other factors matter too.  

The USDA Organic halo has become so strong that consumers perceive the meaning of organic to extend beyond the certification’s actual requirements, causing both confusion and skepticism. Our new report examines how consumers’ expanding demands for stronger standards around environmental resilience and animal and worker welfare — exemplified by practices like regenerative agriculture — are making way for a new standard of quality beyond USDA Organic. 

Beyond Organic 2024 helps you understand the cultural influences behind these expectations and how they play out at shelf. It equips you with actionable insights to navigate where organic adds value, where its appeal diminishes and how to meet increasing demand for new food quality distinctions. 

With these new insights, you’ll understand: 

  • How to leverage Hartman Group’s World of Organic model as a litmus test for what’s most important to consumers 

  • Why the underlying principles of purity and safety are still critically important 

  • If, when and how to venture into regenerative agriculture in a way that will resonate in your category  

  • How to build trust with consumers across price points 

  • Which sourcing and production attributes best align with your category 

Explore the many topics covered in the report and purchase your copy HERE. For clients looking to take the next step with the insights from Beyond Organic 2024, ask about our customized Activation Sessions. Please contact Melissa Abbott for an example of a session agenda and more details: melissa@hartman-group.com

* Hartman Group’s World of Organic segmentation helps explain variation in attitudes and behaviors surrounding organic. Core consumers are the most knowledgeable regarding issues surrounding organic products and the most active purchasers.