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Organic 2022 Then, Now, Next

Organic 2022: Then, Now, Next – a continuation of The Hartman Group’s long-running syndicated research on the organic market – explores the transformation of organic from a niche category based on a social movement to a mainstream marker of quality across categories. Through informed commentary on trended data and qualitative consumer perspectives, the report explores how organic has transitioned into the mainstream through USDA organic certification, and the challenges it currently faces, including more forward-leaning approaches to personal, community, and environmental health. What’s next for organic may be two-fold: mainstream consumers crave greater accessibility to organic while leading consumers and producers look to additional certifications and health attributes to extend the original promise of organic beyond current USDA standards.

Organic 2022: Then, Now, Next features unique hybrid analyses of both quantitative and qualitative data drawn from a study-specific survey and virtual interviews, and mobile ethnography. The 119-page report is an essential, investigative research study, providing in-depth analysis and thought-provoking insights backed by a range of data for startups, established companies, investors, and stakeholders across the food and beverage industry.

The report will help you to understand the factors, concerns, and long-term developments that influence consumer attitudes and buying behaviors around organic and natural food and beverage products so you can more effectively engage with your target and meet their expectations.

What’s Included?

▪ General report (PowerPoint and PDF)

▪ Executive summary

▪ Demographic data tables (Excel)

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Executive Summary

Chapter One:  The World of Organic

Chapter Two: Organic and Related Perceptions Today

Chapter Three: Sourcing of Organic and Natural Products

Chapter Four: Organic across Categories

Chapter Five: Organic Tomorrow

Implications and Recommendations

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Published March 2022

Price: $15,000