A happy girl looking at the skyIf today’s consumers are so much more aware of what they’re eating and reconnecting with food and its origins and participating at a level that is much more proactive than reactive (which is how things used to be), just imagine what 10 years from now will look like. In a period of great uncertainty and disruption, what can we truly count on influencing the food and beverage marketplace in the coming years?

Exploring the future is part of our DNA. Five years ago, The Hartman Group launched its A.C.T. Food Culture Forecast series of summits as the platform to provide food and beverage industry professionals a data-driven perspective on the key megatrends that are permanently altering the structure of demand for food and beverage.

The future doesn’t have to be a scary place. Over the years, The Hartman Group’s social scientists have traversed the country on consumer anthropological expeditions, observing and interviewing people and examining artifacts. Their insights into the behaviors that drive markets help companies acquire cultural knowledge as a means of thriving in an increasingly complex, competitive and changing marketplace. At A.C.T., we not only share what we’ve learned, we also translate it into meaningful strategic insights to reassure you that there is a pathway forward to keep your brands relevant in the face of an ever-evolving food and beverage culture.

We all have a keen interest in learning what to do about chasing (and finding) that elusive growth for products and brands as well as ways to identify those pockets of opportunities. This is the essence of what is discussed at an A.C.T. Food Culture Forecast summit.

Haven’t attended a Hartman A.C.T. summit yet?

A.C.T. Key Highlights 2014 - 2017Here’s a short video about what you can expect from the one-day immersive engagement: A.C.T. Experience

The Hartman A.C.T. (Anthropology. Culture. Trends.) summit is an experiential, educational platform focused on culture as the pathway for companies to understand the broader contexts that create consumer desires. These experiences support or complement new product innovations, marketing initiatives and growth strategies. Today, the Food Culture Forecast summit is The Hartman Group’s flagship event.

What Can You Expect at Food Culture Forecast 2018 Miami Beach?

Food Culture Forecast 2018 takes place in Miami Beach at the W South Beach Hotel on April 19, 2018. The agenda offers a balanced schedule of hot topics, emerging trends, deep insights and opportunities to network with peers from across the food and beverage industry that will inspire new ideas and strategies to move your business forward.

Food Culture Forecast 2018 is your annual trends and perspectives tune-up. The presentations cover topics such as meal prep, contemporary cooking, aspirational eating, young families, Millennials and Gen Z, day-of-week differences, morning eating and drinking occasions, snacking and immediate consumption, alone eating and the new value paradigm.

Visit the Hartman A.C.T. Food Culture Forecast 2018 event page online for more information about the day’s agenda, speaker lineup, venues and registration. Registration for the event closes April 12. A.C.T. Event Online