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The dog days of summer are upon us, and the countdown to a long Labor Day weekend is under way. We're in the mood to celebrate. Leftover dollars from this year's fiscal budget? Contemplating the best way to put new fiscal-year research monies to work? Take advantage of our summer-end Labor Day special on the following marketplace syndicated research reports from 2012 and 2013.

  • Sustainability: When Personal Aspiration and Behavior Diverge (2013) See how companies can bridge the gap between the sustainable products consumers say they want and what they actually purchase by addressing consumers' barriers to purchase.
  • The Multi-Cultural Latino Consumer (2013) A large opportunity awaits those who chart a course for understanding the Latino culture. How do manufacturers develop products that resonate with Latino consumers? How do marketers effectively communicate with Latinos? The Multi-Cultural Latino Consumer report uncovers key points of understanding and offers meaningful ways to leverage these points into effective communication tactics for reaching the Latino consumer.
  • Online Grocery Shopper (2013) What attracts consumers to online shopping? What's the future of online grocery retailing? The Online Grocery Shopper report provides the in-depth understanding about food culture and shopper engagement in digital technologies to help companies seize the evolving opportunities and navigate the emerging challenges posed by the growth of grocery e-commerce in the United States.
  • Organic & Natural (2012) Organic gained prominence for the many other quality and health notions it represents: natural, local, fresh, raw, sustainable, safe, higher quality, better tasting and, most importantly, the absence of negative ingredients. Consumers historically adopt and continue their purchase and consumption of organic foods and beverages for reasons that extend beyond nutritional values.
  • Global Snacking: Brazil (2012) Brazil is a very hot topic these days, especially among consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies with an eye on this country as a key portal for future growth opportunities. To tap into market opportunities, what will it take to launch successful food and beverage products in Brazil?
  • Shopping Topography (2012) Mapping the New Consumer Pathways to Purchase. Shopping Topography looks at the wider contexts of how and why consumers shop by taking a holistic approach to behaviors, expectations, and experiences. Shopping Topography is the result of a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative exploration of contemporary shopping behaviors and the impact on pathways to purchase across five key Channels and three major categories.
  • Clicks & Cravings: The Impact of Social Technology on Food Culture (2012) This report is the result of an in-depth qualitative and quantitative exploration of social technology's impact on food. In addition to providing insights into social media use, how information is acquired and shared online, the culture of food, brand relationships, and lifestyles in the digital age, the report provides strategic recommendations on how companies can leverage social media to build meaningful and profitable relationships with consumers.

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