Creativity cannot be rushed. Strategic decisions should not be rushed. In today’s fast-moving marketplace, however, many business leaders feel like they have no other choice.

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Despite this pressure, maintaining a sharp view of the future while remaining consumer-centered and culturally grounded is essential. Doing so requires you to pause and think through strategic questions. And that’s where Hartman Group comes in.

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Futurecast 2024 is a strategic planning session designed to challenge conventional notions of innovation while getting you as close as possible to consumers’ changing reality. By examining macro forces influencing the consumer, pull forces affecting the food industry, and key uncertainties in the food demand space, our team will guide you through strategic conversations on key topics:

  • Evolution of quality
  • Values-oriented consumption
  • Redefinition of value
  • Changing role of brand
  • Upending of sourcing dynamics
  • Technical revolution of food

For example, many businesses are catching up to what “quality” means to the modern consumer. But may mistakenly believe it is most relevant for certain “premium” brands or categories. In the future, food and beverage businesses must understand not only where premium is growing but how it is impacting ALL categories and brands. We’ll guide you through big questions like:

  • What emerging premium trends might impede and ignite growth for your category? For your brand?
  • What attributes do consumers care most about and/or are willing pay more for your category or occasion?
  • Are there dimensions of quality that represent near-in goals for your brand to innovate around? Which ones align but are further out?
  • How do you demonstrate quality-driven sourcing and production in a way that communicates care to the consumer?

To learn more about Futurecast and to schedule your session, reach out to Shelley Balanko: