From quenching thirst to nourishment to celebration, beverages play an important role in consumers' lives. The Hartman Group’s Modern Beverage Culture 2023 study will explore how consumers engage with today’s rich beverage landscape.

Remember 2018? It seems like a lifetime ago that we travelled without reservation, mixed and mingled at a multitude of personal and professional social events, and ate out all the time for fun, due in no small part because many of us only had a small clue about cooking for ourselves. Americans were living large and fully enjoying our culturally characteristic on-the-go lifestyles.

That was the era of the beverage buddy! Back then, the Hartman Group report, Modern Beverage Culture 2018, revealed 65% of US consumers always have a beverage on hand, and among Millennials it was 73%. Beverages were our necessary companion for navigating the demands of modern life whether our needs were functional, emotional, or both. A lot has transpired in 5 years, and we’ve set out to determine what has changed, and what has stayed the same, as we prepare to field Modern Beverage Culture 2023.

65% of US consumers always have a beverage on hand

Modern Beverage Culture 2023 will update and extend Hartman Group’s proprietary Modern Beverage Need State Model. We invite you to join us in studying the extent to which beverage needs like Fill & Fuel and Connection & Care have risen,fallen, and/or transformed as US food/beverage culture has reached a new post-pandemic equilibrium.  

Modern Beverage Culture 2023 combines both new and trended quantitative research with in-depth ethnographic consumer immersions. Topics under examination include but are not limited to:

  • Beverages Role in Today’s Culture
  • Beverage Attitudes and Aspirations  
  • Beverage Occasions
  • Beverage Procurement

Sign up today for a deep understanding of consumer needs and occasion-based opportunities that will be necessary to fuel innovation and make marketing relevant in a crowded marketplace and increasingly fierce competition for consumers’ dollars.

THG Modern Beverage Culture 2023 Study Cover

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