As we exit a celebratory season that involves plenty of appetizing, grazing, and treating, we’re reminded again just how prevalent snacking is in American food culture. While we are eager to uncover all that has changed since our last in-depth consumer snacking study in 2020, we also like to have a little fun. To kick-start our inspiration, we asked our team of food culture experts: “What have you been snacking on lately?”

And there were few clear themes:

Mindful indulgences

Heavenly Hunks Oatmeal

“Heavenly Hunks: love these! They’re one of the few pre-packaged desserts I can have with my myriad dietary restrictions. I get them from Costco, particularly when they’re on sale — then it is a great deal!”

Alissa, Director of Consumer Insights

Cottage cheese with blueberry

“My go-to lately has been cottage cheese with blueberries, pumpkin seeds, and a homemade nut/seed mix. I put a few chocolate-covered berries in there (from Brookside) so it’s more of a yummy afternoon treat.”

Renee, Director of Compass and Hartman Retainer Services

Kind Bars (salted caramel flavor)

“Kind Bars (salted caramel flavor), apples and cheddar cheese, kettle corn…anything single-serve and that can be eaten in the car!”

– Jennifer, Director of Consumer Engagement


Global flavors/formats

Halva from Seed & Mill

“I mail-order halva from Seed & Mill, a boutique brand I discovered in Chelsea Market in Manhattan. Halva is a sweet Middle Eastern snack, which comes in many styles depending on the country/region, incorporating sesame, a sweetener and typically something like ‘marshmallow root’ to achieve a fluffy crunch. Seed & Mill’s halva seems to be somewhat based on the Lebanese/Syrian fusion style which has become popular in Israel, first through packaged and more recently through fresh specialty bakeries. I love the flavors and the texture, and usually get something with chocolate and something with pistachio. I have seen a West Coast brand on sale at PCC, so this may be an emerging trend of some kind. I keep some in the fridge and every once in a while slice some off for a personal treat; no one else in my house will go near it.”

— David, Director of Strategic Insights

Fresh, functional options

That’s It fruit bar snacks

I’ve been eating snacks that have as few ingredients as possible lately. This has lead my go-to snack repertoire to become: cashews (plain unsalted), That’s It fruit bar snacks, and veggies and dip.”

— Jeff, Senior Consultant

EFFECTIVE NUTRA Mushroom Gummies

“Cottage cheese and savory or sweet additions is always one of my go-to evening snacks while watching TV. I also have been getting into vitamin gummies — are they a snack? I have a variety of vitamin gummies (a selection of fiber, multivitamin, vitamin D, collagen, and adaptogenic mushrooms) with regular gummy bears and count that as a snack most evenings.”

— Rob, Senior Consultant


“In 2023, it was my goal to lose weight and I managed to do that by sharply restricting my carb and sugar intake, similar to a keto diet. So my snacks reflect this eating method: raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, apples, and strawberries.”

 — Robert, Senior Quantitative Analyst

Ah, nuts!

NUNES FARMS  Inshell Almonds

“I found these at Ballard Market last week and I love them! I actually had no idea what the shell of an almond looked like, so wasn’t sure how easy these would be to open, but they are great. I’ve always loved almonds (and I could never eat them at home as my mom was allergic to them), and the extra step involved in cracking these open makes it more fun and is almost like having a ‘fidget toy’ when I’m thinking through a work item!”

— Laurie, CEO

Pistacchiosa Sicilian Pistachios Spread

“I love pistachio in any form. A couple of years ago I discovered “pistachio butter,” a.k.a. pistachio cream, a sweet nut butter that apparently originated in Italy, often combined with actual dairy but not always. I have to mail-order it. I have found that it’s great on Elsie’s Biscuits (cocoa or plain flavored). I think they’re local/regional: I find them at Thriftway and PCC. Really, they’re a vehicle for the pistachio butter. And these are my own personal treat: others in the house may munch on a biscuit, but no one else ever thinks of going into my stash of pistachio cream.”

— David, Director of Strategic Insights

Premium savory snacks


“Picking my favorite snack is insanely difficult since I am a snacky by nature. But if I had to pick a current favorite, it’d be Love, Corn. The flavor and texture is superior to Corn Nuts with an easier chew and tremendous depth of corn flavor. My dog, Tater Tot, also thinks they are awesome. Nice to have a premium savory snack that is less processed but has the crunch and experience of a corn-based chip. Although it comes in snacky flavors like BBQ, Cheezy, Habanero, and Salt and Vinegar, I show up for the pure Sea Salt flavor.”

— Melissa, VP of Syndicated Studies

Louisville Vegan Jerky

Smokey Carolina BBQ is my favorite flavor of this vegan jerky. Savory, with lots of sweetness, and nice and chewy. Downside: cost per small bag, and the bag doesn’t last long in the house. And it’s processed of course.

— Iva, Director of Strategic Insights


Will cottage cheese and nuts be the go-to healthy snack in 2024? Is halva an emerging trend ripe for innovation? Time will tell. But what we do know is that we’ve found ourselves staring into our snack drawers, feeling hungry. We look forward to snacking together this year!

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