Consumers expect more from their beverages than ever before: in 2018, 62% said that beverages play a very important role in their overall health and wellness. The Hartman Group’s Modern Beverage Culture 2018 study found that consumers were reaching for functional beverages across almost all need states, spelling competition for more established beverages (like coffee) that have traditionally tapped into one primary need state.  

However, preliminary findings from Modern Beverage Culture 2023 indicate that many beverages — not just functional ones — are frequently competing across need states. This increased fluidity has driven us to examine six primary beverage need states in this year’s research instead of five as in years past.  

Coffee continues to be associated with energy, but so are many other categories. This begs the question: can any category truly own a certain need state anymore? 

Either way, opportunity is ripe for brands and products that can effectively speak to consumers’ vast and varying needs in today’s beverage landscape.  

Curious where your category fits into consumers’ beverage lineup today? Learn more about our latest syndicated study, Modern Beverage Culture 2023: releasing on June 30th. 

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