THG-Health & Wellness 2023:  Pets & Health report cover

Health and wellness is no longer just about, or for, humans. As wellness has become a holistic construct incorporating physical health, social health, and mental/emotional health in US culture, the animals in our lives have taken on an important role in consumers’ health and wellness lifestyles. The Hartman Group’s recent syndicated research report supplement, Health & Wellness 2023: Pets & Health highlights the fact that 61% of dog/cat owners regularly spend time with their pets as part of their own health and wellness priorities. Furthermore, the health and wellbeing of pets has become an increasingly significant priority for consumers: 80% of dog/cat owners want their pet’s food to be as healthy as their own.

Learn more about how pet owners engage with their own health and wellness and how they optimize their pets’ quality of life by diving deep into the Health & Wellness 2023:  Pets & Health report supplement, available as a stand-alone report (which includes data tables) or as a bundle with the main report Health & Wellness 2023: The Great Wellness Reset.