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From fundamental (and changing) notions of convenience to how consumers view value today, pandemic disruption has changed consumers and food culture itself: how will all this change influence the future of food and how consumers spend the holidays? Included here is a compendium of Hartman Group white papers offered as complimentary downloads — and their associated podcasts discussing highlights.

Covering four key topic areas (the Holidays, Convenience, Value and the Future of Food), we help decision makers in the food and beverage industry understand the implications of consumer behavior and how they are navigating the new normal.

White Paper: Happy Holidays? Consumer Optimism and Realism Collide in the Era of COVID-19

THG Happy Holidays report cover

What are consumers thinking when it comes to celebrating the holidays during the pandemic? Consumers often approach the holidays with mixed emotions, and this year is no different, yet in one very important way it is: typically, the holidays are a time of togetherness, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, togetherness can pose serious risks. Recent Hartman Group research with consumers revealed the majority of consumers are still very or extremely concerned about the threats posed by COVID-19 as it pertains to themselves and their family.

Podcast: Damn the Pandemic, Bring on the Holidays!

Hoping to keep traditions alive, consumers are looking forward to the holiday season: yet, weary of dealing with the health and safety risks of COVID-19, how will they adapt their celebrations for Halloween, Thanksgiving and the December holidays?

White Paper: COVID-19 and New Modern Convenience

THG COVID-19 and New Convenience

Convenience is a key consideration for consumers when it comes to food and beverage choices, but what does convenience look like when a global pandemic throws normal schedules and routines into disarray? The latest Hartman Group white paper, COVID-19 and New Modern Convenience, dissects how the fundamental components and expressions of modern convenience have been translated into the COVID-19 era and analyzes which of these shifts will have long-term impacts on consumer decisions.

Podcast: New Modern Convenience — Empowering, Engaging, Flexible

While easy, quick and accessible are still important, the pandemic is causing elements of modern convenience to take on new meaning in line with shifting needs: find out how empowering, engaging and flexible are emerging criteria.

White Paper: Value in the Time of COVID-19

THG Value in the Time of COVID-19

What is the consumer understanding of value? How do individuals evaluate the worth of products and services in an ever competitive food landscape? These questions continue to be a perennial topic of interest for business leaders in the food and beverage space. Now, as the COVID-19 pandemic has upended daily life, the economy and the food landscape, such questions are more imperative than ever. In this Hartman Group white paper, we discuss how COVID-19 has surfaced a number of new attitudes, behaviors and considerations that consumers are bringing to their calculus of value and identify key questions and strategic implications that those in the food business must address as they pursue growth post-COVID-19.

Podcast: Value in the Time of COVID-19

On this podcast, our analysts discuss some highlights from our white paper, Value in the Time of COVID-19, in which we revisit the topic of value and how notions of value — what it is and how it is expressed — have changed in some crucial ways.

White Paper: The Future of Food: A Hartman Group Perspective

THG Future of Food white paper cover

The COVID-19 pandemic instantaneously and dramatically altered life as we knew it. After months of enduring the pandemic, many are longing for a return to “normal.” But when will the crisis end, and how will normal look? This special Hartman Group thought leadership white paper discusses how consumers’ lives have changed — how consumers live, eat and work as well as what they value and the effects on the food industry years to come.

Podcast: The Future of Food in the U.S. Marketplace: A Hartman Group Perspective

On this podcast, we discuss The Hartman Group’s signature thought leadership POV, The Future of Food in the U.S. Marketplace.