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Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of interviewing visionary founders, CEOs, culinary experts, entrepreneurs and cultural influencers from across the expansive world of food and beverage. Through these Q&A sessions, we’ve had the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics relevant to many aspects of culture, business, marketing and strategy.

In the spirit of this Thanksgiving holiday season, we compiled the following quotes in the hope you can find them a source of information, insight and inspiration.

On the Future of Plant-Based Cuisine

“…the alternative proteins help raise awareness of unique ways people can still get close to the animal protein flavors they know and crave, while others will move along a spectrum that has them focusing on ingredients that are not processed whatsoever.”

— Andy Levitt, Founder, Purple Carrot

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On Sustainability and Global Cuisine

“We try to emotionally connect a cultural group with consumers’ ethical values. Plus, Saffron Road has tribal affinity with its modern consumers. At Saffron Road we know, and are a power of example, that the modern consumer (both Millennial and aspirational Baby Boomers) is looking for innovation in world cuisines as well as adventure, ethnic diversity and ethical consumerism in their discerning food choices.”

— Adnan Durrani, CEO and Founder of Saffron Road

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On Premium Product Experiences

“I didn't set out to create a health and wellness soda, but an elevated experience. I really wanted to change the soda category, and yet we realized we were probably losing out on quite a few consumers by using the word soda. So what we decided was that we are a sparkling beverage that is a subcategory of soda. This helps us open the door to more consumers.”

— Sharelle Klaus, CEO, DRY Sparkling

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On Food Tech Innovation During a Pandemic

“We do understand that this feature of Daily Feast is a huge convenience factor that encourages them [consumers] to get into the kitchen and use up ingredients sitting in their pantry and refrigerator. For food brands interested in partnering with us, it's a great way to introduce their ingredients to a number of consumers and influence behavior as our consumers are getting inspiration to use their specific brand while they are in their own kitchen.”

— Andy Vutam and Tony DeLizza, Co-founders of Daily Feast

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On Trend and the Resurgence of Interest in Baking

“In recent months, baking has become a national pastime. Those who previously baked a few times a year are now baking a few times a month or more. To meet the needs of experienced and beginner bakers alike, we put an enhanced focus on our already robust baking education resources — virtual classes, video, recipe collections, and baking guides — allowing us to engage with bakers everywhere in a meaningful and educational way. As always, we remain intent on helping bakers bake their best and fostering community through baking.”

— Karen Colberg, Co-CEO of King Arthur Baking

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