THG-Health and Wellness 2023 Cover

2023 is the year of the Great Wellness Reset. In Health and Wellness 2023 we learned consumer culture is not COVID-free, but consumers have a new perspective on the pandemic as well as their health and wellness priorities. The reset is being shaped by a desire for quality of life and longevity, resistance to the commercialization of wellness, and inflation, and thus, the present moment is a unique time for health and wellness consumers. Despite the reset, health and wellness continues to be viewed as consisting of three overlapping and deeply connected elements: physical, mental / emotional, and social health, all of which are crucial to achieving overall quality of life and longevity.

Contact us to dive deeper into the great wellness reset and learn about consumer engagement with these three elements of wellness and how that engagement is expressed through four approaches to health and wellness: consume, treat, act, and measure.