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Health & Wellness 2023

The Hartman Group’s series of Health & Wellness syndicated studies is the longest-running consumer-centric study of the U.S. wellness marketplace. The study provides current, in-depth insights into underlying motivations and behaviors for how and why consumers live, shop and use brands, products and services in the health and wellness space. Health & Wellness 2023 will examine the American marketplace for well-being as the country has moved from the pandemic to the endemic phase of living with COVID-19.

Health & Wellness 2023 builds on and updates our 2021 study which found that fears of COVID-19 as well as psychological effects of prolonged isolation enabled consumers to put the latest scientific knowledge about the workings of the body to new use to build comprehensive resilience – both physical and mental. The 2023 study will examine how these developments have since evolved as well as any new adjustments, as consumers increasingly look past the pandemic. The study will also explore more broadly what’s new, what’s mainstream and what’s around the bend in the world of health and wellness.

The insights generated will provide companies in food and beverage and adjacent wellness-oriented spaces with a thorough understanding of the evolving meaning of health and wellness; the conditions consumers manage; the strategies they utilize (such as ingredients they are seeking or avoiding); modalities they turn to (such as supplements and exercise); and other areas they examine to work toward improved quality of life (such as mental well-being). The 2023 study will also investigate impacts of inflation on health and wellness, including an examination of consumers’ competing priorities and resulting trade-offs.

Through a national online survey, supplemented by in-depth online qualitative interviews as well as benchmarking against prior research, the Health & Wellness 2023 study will examine key consumer attitudes and behaviors, identifying what has evolved over time as well as the appearance of new and emerging trends.

The Hartman Group has been leading the study of health and wellness since the 1990s, tracking consumers’ changing perceptions, aspirations, and practices as the wellness marketplace has moved from niche to mainstream. The latest installment in this series will contextualize today’s health and wellness marketplace by diving into cultural and socioeconomic influences on consumer behavior.

What’s Included?

Grounded in primary quantitative and qualitative research, Health & Wellness 2023 combines both new and trended quantitative research with in-depth ethnographic consumer immersions and includes in its final report

  • General report (PowerPoint and PDF)
  • Executive summary
  • Demographic data tables (Excel)

Key topics to be explored in the study include:

  • The World of Health & Wellness, including updated consumer segment profiles
  • The continuing evolution of wellness culture
  • The meaning of health and wellness
  • Consumers’ motivations, triggers, aspirations, and adoption pathways
  • Barriers to participation
  • Priorities and trade-offs involving health and wellness
  • Impact of inflation on health and wellness priorities and behaviors
  • Consumers’ perceptions of their health as well as conditions being managed and approaches to treating
  • Changes in habits and attitudes
  • Role of food and beverage in health and wellness
  • Ingredients trending out (avoided) and trending in (added)
  • Purchase criteria related to health and wellness in food and beverage
  • Engagement with nutrition and ingredient panels
  • Role of vitamins, minerals, herbs/botanicals, and supplements
  • Who consumers trust as partners in supporting their health and wellness
  • Channel usage (grocery, mass, drug, club, natural/specialty, dollar/discount, online, convenience)
  • Health & Wellness when dining out (restaurant and food service)
  • What’s trending among early adopters and what is going mainstream — emerging viewpoints, behaviors, influences in food and beverage and beyond
  • Ongoing effects of COVID-19 pandemic on health and wellness
  • Impact of socioeconomic markers on attitudes and behaviors toward health and wellness
  • Recommendations about innovating and messaging around modern health and wellness needs

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Published January 2023

Price: $15,000