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At The Hartman Group, we like to end the year on an insightful note. This year, once again, we produced several short-form webinars that you can replay right now. There was certainly no shortage of excellent topics to cover: from how COVID-19 has exacerbated the culture of stress and anxiety that Americans are living with to how consumers are looking to boost immunity through functional food and beverage and from organic and beyond to COVID-19’s impact on eating.

True to our ethnographic heritage, these six 20-minute webinars deliver content on how consumers engage with products, brands, retailers, restaurants, and more. Grab your notepad and pen and watch them on demand now.

Pandemic Disruption: The Culture of Stress and Anxiety in America

Shelley Balanko, Hartman’s senior vice president, discusses the culture of stress and anxiety that Americans are living with. She describes how COVID-19 has exacerbated this situation, leaving consumers with more responsibilities and strained resources. Watch webinar

Functional Food & Beverage 2020 Report Highlights

The Functional Food & Beverage 2020 Report Highlights webinar provides insights from the report on topic areas that include functionality in context, consumer engagement and understanding, functional foods and beverages, supplements, and a special topic focus: COVID-19: systems under stress. Watch webinar

Hartman Group’s COVID-19’s Impact on Eating Report Highlights

The Hartman Group’s COVID-19’s Impact on Eating report highlights how eating and drinking behavior is affected by the pandemic by diving into the who, what, when, where, why, and how behind eating occasions. Watch webinar

Value in the Time of COVID-19 Report Highlights

This webinar will identify key questions and strategic implications that those in the food business must address as they pursue growth post-COVID-19. Watch webinar

The Future of Food Technology

There is no denying the impact of technology in our everyday lives and in food culture — from the way we shop and cook to the products we eat. Watch webinar

Hartman Group’s Organic and Beyond 2020 Report Highlights

Organic remains one of the most prominent and significant markers of quality in foods and beverages in the U.S. today. In recent years, we have witnessed the advance of organic products into new categories even as organic foods and beverages become more affordable to the mainstream American consumer. Watch webinar

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