As we approach Thanksgiving, many are filled with excitement: spending time with loved ones, enjoying delicious meals, and maybe even a chance to relax. While holidays can also be anxiety-inducing, we’re comforted to see that our culture’s collective prioritization of mental well-being and mindfulness may be moving the needle in a positive direction.

Something to chew on: This holiday season, we encourage you to consider how your brand can authentically connect with consumers’ priorities around mindfulness and balanced living. Are certain areas of your business in tension with these consumer priorities?

From all of us at The Hartman Group, we wish you a restful, mindful, and worry-free Thanksgiving. We’re grateful for your continued partnership and enthusiasm for impact.

More on mindfulness

Our latest white paper explores even more detailed insights on how the macro-trends of mindfulness and mental health collide with the holiday season, contextualizing both consumer and industry perspectives to answer the question:

Are we approaching a cultural breaking point with holiday promotions?

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