A new FMI report (with research by The Hartman Group) finds that consumers are adapting to an evolving economy and modifying their holiday grocery budgets.

FMI—The Food Industry Association, with research by The Hartman Group, has released Part VI of its U.S. Grocery Shopping Trends 2022 series, titled “Holiday Shopping.”

The final release from FMI’s expansive survey of food shoppers’ journeys explores the sentiment and behaviors of consumers as they head into the holiday season.

The report finds that as they contemplate the holiday ahead 45% of consumers report being most concerned about rising meal prices as compared to other holiday expenses. Fortunately, most shoppers indicate they are in control of their grocery budgets, with 71% of consumers making some adjustment to their holiday meal shopping to adapt to the changing economic landscape. This indicates that shoppers are still able to find budget-friendly items to meet their needs.

To mitigate increased costs, consumers say they are:

  • Looking for deals (28%).
  • Choosing store brands (21%).
  • Enjoying more homecooked meals (20%).
  • Making fewer dishes overall (17%).
  • Substituting more affordable options (17%).
  • Encouraging guests to bring dishes (17%).
  • Spending less in other categories to provide holiday meals (17%).

Further information on this report and FMI’s US Grocery Shopper Trends 2022 series is available here.

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