Capabilities and Services Overview 2021

While many of you may have come to know us through our newsletter articles and infographics, there is perhaps so very much more to know about us that you’ve yet to tap into. For example:

Methods that get to the why. Tailored approaches for rich knowledge acquisition. Solutions-focused deliverables.

We are authorities on consumers. Students of culture. Passionate about food and equally passionate about helping clients understand their consumers, overcoming challenges, and finding opportunities for growth.

Culture is our calling card. We consider the shared meanings and understandings of culture as the primary influencer of consumer behavior.

Our human-centric approach (qualitative and quantitative) dissects consumer and shopper culture to reveal breakthrough insights. Our researchers (with backgrounds in anthropology, sociology, psychology, linguistics, and statistics) work together to create deliverables that combine the power of multiple methodologies.

Here are four ways we unpack consumer culture to deliver marketplace advantage:

Consumer & Shopper Insights

We deploy anthropological and statistical techniques to understand the drivers behind how consumers make decisions about food, how they shop for food and how they consume food to provide you with nuanced and actionable insights to drive your business forward.

Foresights & Trends

We understand where and how cultural trends start, how to identify the sites of innovation and how to assess the likelihood of early trends gathering momentum. Our Cultural Analytics Framework, powered by our decades of primary qualitative and quantitative research, enables you to anticipate future demand and future threats to your portfolio, categories, and brands.

Strategic Consulting

Your biggest problem is our new favorite challenge. Our consulting engagements leverage our vast intellectual capital and your existing research/market data with a robust multidisciplinary analytical tool kit to uncover growth strategies that emanate from long-term structural changes in the food landscape and drivers of demand.

Innovation & Ideation

For innovation to ultimately succeed, it must be strategically- based, growth-oriented and evolve in step with consumer priorities and trends. Our process allows you to emerge with high-level strategic opportunity areas and concepts that are on-trend, differentiated and in alignment with your innovation and growth goals.

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