THG Unpack consumer culture

The Hartman Group has spent over 30 years exploring how consumers eat, live, shop and use brands, products and services within the contexts of real life. We are a team of social scientists, marketers and business professionals with deep industry experience, a passion for food, and an unyielding drive to unpack consumer culture to deliver marketplace advantage for our clients.

The consumer should be at the heart of all products, brand and service initiatives undertaken by food and beverage companies today. From Consumer & Shopper Insights and Foresight and Trends to Innovation and Ideation and Strategic Consulting, our solutions are tailored to the business question at hand and our human-centric approach translates the consumer voice into actionable insights.

To win in today’s marketplace, forward-looking client initiatives require a pragmatic, iterative, open-minded approach and collaborative style. Our client-centric approach to engagements, combined with right sized and flexible options that give what you need when you need it, will keep you coming back for more.

  • Hartman Retainer Services Partnerships activate on demand strategic counsel and consulting on an array of topics, categories and/or brands
  • Custom Consulting/Research Engagements deliver high impact outcomes for your toughest business challenges
  • Syndicated Research Reports and Bundles provide rich insight into a focused topic area of interest

There are many paths to growth. We look forward to helping you find yours.

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If you’re looking for ways to unlock your growth potential, we’d love to help. To begin the conversation, please contact Shelley Balanko, Ph.D., Senior Vice President: