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Functional foods and beverages continue to entice companies across today’s food and beverage landscape as we find consumers increasingly embracing proactive wellness lifestyles. For many consumers, navigating this growing and crowded functional foods and supplements space can be a daunting experience as the cultural spotlight has shifted far away from a desire for products made with artificial ingredients to products and forms that are inherently nutritious.

Consumers have long been trained to buy fortified foods, because of a strong belief in the virtue of getting extra basic vitamins and minerals (e.g., vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin A and D). Fortified foods are the cultural foundation on which functional food marketing builds a new generation of value-added healthy food and beverage products.

What has changed from a consumer perspective is that the list of potentially healthy ingredients and nutrients is changing rapidly and a broader array of functional benefits is being marketed.

A Spotlight on Functional Foods and Supplements in the Age of the Coronavirus

The market for supplements and functional foods continues to grow as more consumers adopt a food-as-medicine approach to health and wellness. Functional benefits have never been so important or so dialed into specific needs and desires.

The Hartman Group’s Functional Foods & Beverages and Supplements 2020 syndicated study will explore demand-side developments in this landscape, addressing consumer understanding and concerns regarding quality and sourcing, beliefs, and behaviors.

This new study will include an in-depth exploration of coronavirus and its impact on consumer attitudes and behaviors with regard to supplements, and foods and beverages with particular focus on products that boost immunity and the body’s defenses in the face of stressors to health. Will big, stock-up shopping signal a long-term behavioral change? What supplements and functional foods and beverages are consumers now considering trying and buying to ramp up their immunities to viruses and other infectious diseases?

What the Study Will Cover

The Functional Foods & Beverages and Supplements 2020 study will explore the current state of consumer reaction to functional foods marketing and potential pathways to seize opportunities in this arena. It will provide an understanding of consumers’ motivations and criteria for using supplements and functional foods and beverages. It will incorporate consumer concerns for quality and sourcing.


• Update the consumer understanding of functional foods and beverages

• Determine size of the supplements and functional food and beverage opportunity: current/interested future users; overall and for high-level subcategories (e.g., dialed-up functional)

• Understand types of people using supplements and functional foods and beverages today and their purchasing and consumption patterns Key

The final report will be essential reading for anyone with a stake in the supplements and functional food and beverage market of the future.

Early Participation Means Special Savings!

Today’s consumers are open to dietary and nutritional techniques to prevent or manage a wide range of health conditions but need help and expertise. In particular, consumers will be trying to understand more about how specific foods or beverages used to manage a health condition might be combined with pharmaceutical interventions (if needed).

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