Change, so it seems, is one of the few constants across our industry. In 2023, we’ve seen seismic shifts across the food and beverage landscape: How consumers approach health and wellness has significantly evolved; food tech innovations are rapidly expanding; beverage selection criteria are growing increasingly complex. And 2024 will be here before we know it, bringing all new opportunities and challenges. Are you ready to respond to emerging trends in your category?

Our upcoming syndicated research will keep you on the cutting edge of food culture and a broad range of macro- and micro-trends so you can not only react to what’s happening now, but anticipate what’s next.

Key topics to be explored in 2024:

Q1 | Future of Snacking

  • How “snackification” in the U.S. is shifting
  • How consumers approach discovery
  • Heightened expectations around curation

Q2 | Beyond Organic: Quality Distinctions in Food & Beverage

  • Examining shifts in consumer attitudes toward quality distinctions, plus current trending topics like GMOs
  • How consumers perceive production attributes at the category level
  • Where organic and natural can add meaningful value

Q3 | NEW - Proactive Health Benefits: From Energy to Immunity

  • Overlapping health benefits consumers are seeking, e.g., sleep, immunity and mental well-being
  • The effect of cues and claims, plus their relevance across different aspects of consumers’ lives
  • How brands can meet consumers’ growing set of need states

Q4 | NEW - Premiumization & Everyday Value(s)

  • Why premium has become synonymous with authenticity, or even better-for-you
  • How consumers prioritize expectations of quality and where they make trade-offs
  • What truly signifies premium to consumers

Hartman syndicated studies combine a broad overview of the food and beverage market with deep analysis of specific segments or niche areas in the current cultural context. Released quarterly, these reports ensure you have timely data and trend insights to inspire strategic thinking and help uncover new opportunities.

For more information on how these insights can support your business growth, download a detailed overview of Hartman’s 2024 syndicated study lineup here.

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