From Health & Wellness, Sustainability and Beverages to Gen Z/Gen Alpha – What’s Next for the Food and Beverage Industry?

What’s next in 2023 for the food and beverage industry? As always, consumers will be forging ahead, and as they do you can stay up to date with the latest trends in health and wellness, sustainability, beverages and what choices Gen Z and Gen Alpha are considering.

Hartman syndicated studies provide a foundation of understanding offering integration of immersive qualitative ethnography and quantitative online surveys with our signature brand of consumer-centric analysis and cultural layering.

The Hartman Group fields four syndicated studies annually, offering clients a unique perspective on the consumer and cultural dynamics shaping the present-day market with a picture of what lies ahead.

Because costs are shared by multiple clients, Hartman syndicated research is a cost-effective way to obtain a significant amount of relevant data, insights and strategic analysis at a fraction of the cost of an independent custom research study.

Our lineup in 2023 covers a broad range of mega-trends including:

Q1: Health & Wellness 2023: The next study in the longest running consumer-centric examination of the U.S. wellness marketplace

Q2: Modern Beverage Culture: Examines the attitudes, rituals, behaviors and aspirations around beverage consumption

Q3: Sustainability and Transparency 2023: Builds on prior Hartman Group foundational sustainability syndicated series and examines new considerations

Q4: Gen Alpha & Gen Z – The Future Food and Beverage Consumer: Examines Gen Z and the parents of Gen Alphas to explore expectations ahead in their consumer choices

For more information – check out our slideshow about 2023’s lineup here

You can also download a detailed overview for Hartman’s 2023 lineup here.

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