What’s next for the food and beverage industry in 2024? Our next year of research will keep you on the cutting edge of food culture, from the world of organic to snacking preferences across generations.

We’ll be diving deep into a broad range of mega-trends including:

Q1 | Future of Snacking
Understanding how and why consumer snacking behaviors have shifted across generations

Q2 | Beyond Organic: Quality Distinctions in Food & Beverage
Exploring the evolving importance of organic in a culture of skepticism and hyper-commercialization

Q3 | NEW - Proactive Health Benefits: From Energy to Immunity
Investigating the expanding set of wellness-oriented need states and health benefits sought by today’s consumer 

Q4 | NEW - Premiumization & Everyday Value(s)
Defining the new “premium” from the consumer perspective and uncovering opportunities where quality and value converge

Hartman syndicated studies combine a broad overview of the food and beverage market with deep analysis of specific segments or niche areas in the current cultural context. 

Released quarterly, these reports ensure you have timely data and trend insights to inspire strategic thinking and help uncover new opportunities.

For more information on how these insights can support your business growth, download a detailed overview of Hartman’s 2024 syndicated study lineup here.

Questions about our syndicated studies? To learn more contact Melissa Abbott: melissa@hartman-group.com

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