Transparency Needed When Marketing to Consumers

GMO's continue to make waves within the food industry. Commenting in a recent presentation, Shelley Balanko, Senior Vice President of Business Development, The Hartman Group notes “Short term, it is important to engage the consumer in conversation and be transparent...even if you are not talking about genetically modified food, be transparent about production so they feel invited into the conversation and they can trust you.”


Why Snack Foods Are Becoming the Main Dish for Consumers

With 80 percent of snacking now being purposeful, people are being much more deliberate about their choices with an emphasis on foods that aid in energy and weight management. There is "aspiration around wanting to eat more fruits and vegetables," said Melissa Abbott, Vice President, Hartman Group Retainer Services.


Customers Influence Health and Wellness Options at Starbucks

When developing food and beverages, Starbucks listens to its customers and drives innovation to respond to their needs. They also cite research from The Hartman Group's Modern Eating study, and note "from savory snacks to smoothies rich in fruits and vegetables, Starbucks continues to evolve its health and wellness options influenced by customer feedback."




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