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Unstoppable ALDI: Walmart’s Biggest Threat?

ALDI continues to be the most underestimated grocery retailer in the U.S. market. In CPG circles, it is easy to understand why. ALDI is a control l... More

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Meatless: The Hardest Times to Be Vegetarian

If you live in a major metropolitan area like Seattle, San Francisco, or New York, being vegetarian is remarkably easy: Specialty grocery stores abound, restaurant menus offer many vegetarian choices, and folks won’t blink an eye when you mentio… More

Destination Wellness Seattle 2015

More compelling insights, innovative custom research, and consulting that connect companies with their consumers.

The Hartman Group is highly regarded for its consumer-centric proprietary approach to custom market research and consulting and years of making a measurable difference for many of the world's best-known brands. Founded in 1989, The Hartman Group has a proud heritage serving companies across the food and beverage, food service, food retailing, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries.

Each year, our fulltime social scientists (many with PhDs in cultural anthropology, sociology, and psychology) and business analysts (with MBAs) spend thousands of hours immersed in consumers' lives to provide clients with an unparalleled understanding of culture and consumer behaviors most relevant to their business challenges and goals.

The Hartman Group has a proud history of innovation and foresight. We go deep inside data and the marketplace to uncover the "why behind the buy" that leads to the identification of growth opportunities for our clients. The bottom line is that we don't just produce reports, we deliver results.

Diners' Changing Behaviors 2015

This report is a thorough examination of how health and sustainability are integrated and separate in the minds of diners.

Food Shopping in America 2014

This report explains how consumers now plan, decide, shop and divide their loyalties in the era of unlimited choice and blurring of channels.

Organic & Natural 2014

Provides industry professionals (CPG manufacturer, retailer, food service and restaurant) with an in-depth understanding of the contemporary organic and natural consumer.

Digital Food Life 2014

This report explores the digital disruption affecting all facets of consumer life, especially in the digital food marketplace.

Outlook on The Millennial Consumer

Learn to crack the Millennials path-to-purchase code.

Modern Eating

The new eating landscape: snacks, alone eating, immediate consumption.

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