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Organic and Beyond 2020

Organic remains one of the most prominent and significant markers of quality in foods and beverages in the U.S. today. In recent years, we have witnessed the advance of organic products into new categories even as organic foods and beverages become more affordable to the mainstream American consumer. 

Organic and Beyond 2020 provides a critical update to The Hartman Group’s long-running syndicated research series on the organic market and natural foods movement, delivering trended data and informed perspectives on consumer attitudes and behaviors surrounding the current organic landscape with an eye to future-oriented developments. 

While many consumers today interpret the organic seal as signaling the epitome of quality, a growing core of more engaged consumers is starting to demand more as they look for assurances in farming and production cues that go beyond organic

Table of Contents 


Executive Summary

1. The World of Organic

2. Organic & Related Distinctions Today

  • Natural
  • GMOs
  • Other Distinctions (Glyphosate, Local, Animal/Worker Welfare)

3. Beyond Organic

4. Food & Beverage Categories

5. Retailers & Restaurants

  • Retailers
  • Restaurants

Implications and Recommendations 

Report package includes general report (PowerPoint and PDF), including executive summary, in-depth analysis and implications, and demographic data tables (Excel). 

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Published March 2020 (104 pages)

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